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Shippax CFI general

In each issue:

Cover story: Each issue of Shippax CFI also covers a topical item commenting in full with facts, graphs and figures from our own research department. These cover stories are planned for in advance. See them listed!

Inside story: Inside stories from the industry with trends and profiles of operators and routes. "Mini market" overviews with essential basic information in summaries.

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Fleet changes: Latest charter activity, sales & purchases and scrappings, as well as ship projects and conversions.

Ships on order: Newbuildings are illustrated by a profile drawing and full details.

Just delivered: New ships visited and commented.

Traffic statistics: Monthly traffic figures for all major European ferry operators are featured with notes and a comparison to the same period the previous year.

News: The passenger shipping industry is constantly moving. The news section in "Midships" will help keep you updated on the latest events, with special stockmarket reports.

Company Profiles: In-depth articles featuring individual companies.

Text archive

Text archive enables you as a subscriber to search for articles previously included in Shippax CFI, as well as articles in the year books published by Shippax.

Shippax CFI was first published in 1964 (then called Car Ferry Information) by Arne Steving who was convinced that ferry operators could benefit from publishing their carryings in a confidential trade bulletin. Scandinavian operators saw the advantages and have been sending us their figures ever since. More and more operators in Europe have caught on, and we have extended our coverage to the Britain-Continent routes, domestic Britain, Mediterranean and so forth.

Now the magazine is an internationally renowned trade publication which reports on all aspects of passenger shipping. It is our continuous ambition to provide our readers (in over 50 countries) with the most current and accurate information available about the cruise, ferry, ro-ro and hi-speed industry. Today, approx. 12,000 industry executives read Shippax CFI on a monthly basis. Shippax CFI is published monthly and is a highly informative magazine crammed with the latest industry news from our own correspondents around the world and with analysis of our own experts.

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